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Uurmi Services

Embedded Software Design
Our focus in the embedded software services spans board support package development, protocol stacks, porting, middleware, application development and API/SDK development...more » 

Hardware Design
Our hardware design services includes embedded board design, PCB design, development platform, reference design and FPGA based design...more » 

R & D Services
Uurmi offers comprehensive R&D services in Video Surveillance Systems, Automotive Driver Assistance Systems, connectivity devices and set top boxes...more » 

Image Processing
Uurmi provides design services in signal processing and image processing algorithm design and implementation of these innovative algorithms...more » 

Network Protocol Stacks are an integral part of communication equipment and test tools used for testing such equipment. ...more » 

System Integration
Uurmi enables OEMs to bring their products to market by delivering complete hardware design for prototypes and end products...more » 

Android Development
Uurmi’s offerings in Android Development Services include porting Android to newer hardware platforms, customization of Android platform at all layers...more » 

Uurmi Services