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Secure Handhelds

Today's war fighters need to have real-time data at their fingertips wherever they are -on a flight deck, in a military vehicle, in a AFV or in combat. They seek the ability to access that data via rugged, handheld devices. War fighters need low-cost, secure tablets or rugged smart phones, which seamlessly transitions from Wi-Fi to cellular to tactical radio waveforms, hosting specialized tactical apps, secured by sophisticated security algorithms and hardware.

Data must be securely stored within the devices, and handhelds must also satisfy all wireless communication and network security requirements. Rugged computing devices also need to be able to withstand extreme environments, so they can be used in any outdoor loca-tion during mission-critical events, including the battlefield. Multi-purpose Tactical CommUniCatIOn I and AssIstance Device Secure Phone Uurmi Handheld communication and computing devices offer all these advantages to our soldier's in the highly connected network-centric battle field.

Uurmi Handheld communication and computing devices offer all advantages to our soldier's in the highly connected network-centric battle field. Security has been enforced in the hardware by complete separation of the Red and Black zones and a separate FPGA has been catered for porting user specific security and encryption algorithms. Uurmi also offers secure device and network management solutions along with the rugged, secure, communication and computation devices.

Multi Mode Handle Device

A multi-purpose Tactical Communication and computation Device with unique hardware capabilities compared to commercial phones

  • Multiple wireless interfaces - 3G, GSM, WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee
  • Expandable with external connectivity - RS232, GPIO, USB Host, USB OTG,HDMI, Ethernet
  • Sensors - Orientation, Location with altitude. Additional sensors can be connected externally
  • Location detection capabilities - GPS, GLONASS, Dead Reckoning (DR)
  • FPGA for putting security core
  • Multi-media capabilities - SMP camera, Mic, Speaker, Loud Speaker, Headphone jack
  • Storage - 32GB flash, and expandable with external Micro SD card
  • Dual battery with hot-swap
  • Custom applications - Can host any kind of custom applications like
  • Advanced Maps application, Secure peer-to-peer communication of data using security core on FPGA
  • Peer-to-peer messaging, Communication on any available network interface, Manual/auto location share,location trace of peers, Get location from GPSjGLONASSjDR
  • Customized network connection management
  • Video streaming peer-to-peer
  • VolP call peer-to-peer or through SIP server

Mobile Adhoc Radio System - MARS
- Handheld for Homeland security and Public Safety

The Mobile Adhoc Radio system (MARS) targeted as a custom product which is used to provide secure and seamless exchange of information both line of sight and beyond line of sight. Extending network coverage and allowing the seamless exchange of information in a single handheld radio form factor. Additionally it also bridges the gap between legacy and more advanced networking waveforms. MARS is targeted for handheld device creating Adhoc Networks to provide ground-to-ground jam-resistant networked Voice, data and video communication.

The MARS is a dual channel radio set instantiated with software defined waveforms. The waveforms to be ported on the MARS would be AM, FM and OFDM. The design allows for future hardware and software upgrades on the same platform. The MARS shall be compatible with the legacy systems to provide AM and FM communications.

The MARS shall operate in two frequency bands- 30 to 88MHz and 225 to 1GHz to provide point to point communication between two radios separated by a distance of upto 5 Kms in channel 1 and 2 Kms in channel 2. Data rate up to 2Mbps. The MARS shall support OFDM digital waveforms to accommodate transmission and reception of Digital voice, video and data.

The MARS shall provide all the Built in test functionality to aid in easy maintenance and fault detection using the diagnostics. Additionally the MARS engineering design is modular to support easy up gradation, card replacement and maintenance in case of failures to keep the MTTR as low as possible.

The Defence Minister & Chief of Army visited the Uurmi booth @ ARMY Day Seminar in New Delhi

ARMY Day @ New Delhi 2016
ARMY Day @ New Delhi 2016
ARMY Day @ New Delhi 2016
Secure Handhelds