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R & D Services

Uurmi offers comprehensive R&D services in Video Surveillance Systems, Automotive Driver Assistance Systems, connectivity devices and set top boxes.

Superior technology skills, a unique development culture and the ability to lead challenging R&D projects have made Uurmi the innovation partner and an ideal R&D service partner for - Device OEMs and ODMs, Semiconductor vendors and Defense.

We provide following R&D services:

- Algorithm Development and Porting
- Software development
- Hardware development
- System Integration
- Customization

Signal Processing & Image Processing Expertise

Uurmi provides design services in signal processing and Image Processing algorithm design and implementation of these innovative algorithms on Digital Signal Processors (TI, ADSP), and Micro Processors with DSP extensions (ARM, MIPS, FreeScale) using our excellent assembly language programming skills or can provide services with implementations in RTL hardware for FPGA’s or SoC’s. Uurmi differentiation comes from its ability to understand the platform configuration and characteristics, suitably modify or enhance the existing algorithms for a particular use case scenario, and optimize it for the target processor architecture. With vast experience in DSP architectures and instructions sets, customers can be ensured that the foot print and MCPS utilization is the best in class without losing performance. more » 

Networking Protocol Stacks Expertise

Uurmi can assist in the development of network protocol stacks that meet both interoperability and performance requirements. Uurmi has over 1000 man years of experience in development of protocol stacks that have been incorporated in hand held devices, CPE’s and also had end equipment. more » 

System Integration Expertise

Uurmi enables OEMs to bring their products to market by delivering complete hardware design for prototypes and end products. We have the expertise to take our customer’s product specification and deliver the complete solution in form factor that meets bill-of-material cost, performance, size and other criteria. We also work with manufacturing partners to deliver the final board to customers, if they so desire. Our customers, in addition to OEMs, are semiconductor companies and manufacturing companies that need a system integration partner. more » 

Android Development Expertise

More than 400,000 Android devices are being activated daily. More than 1000 Android applications are published daily. Even without these impressive statistics, every company developing hardware platforms or software applications knows that it is always a race against time to get to market. Uurmi’s experienced engineering team helps customers get their products on Android platform to market on time.

Uurmi’s offerings in Android Development Services include porting Android to newer hardware platforms, customization of Android platform at all layers, development of new applications and customization of native applications. The team is experienced in Android Interface Definition Language (AIDL), Network Development Kit (NDK) and the Android Media Framework. Our customized Android Framework with pre-ported components dramatically reduces the time it takes to port, optimize and productionize Android platforms. more » 

Face Recognition System
Designed a complete face recognition and tracking system with more than 90% accuracy.
Case Study >>

Proprietary Wireless

Developing a proprietary wireless communication system to transmit voice and data up to a distance of 25 KM.

Case Study >>
Health Monitoring System

It gathers the location and health condition of the soldier in the field.

Case Study >>
Smart Phone
Designed a custom form factor smart phone form factor design with reconfigurable encryption and security for defence use.
Case Study >>
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