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Uurmi Software Defined Radio (USDR)

Uurmi offers a software defined radio solution that support multiple waveforms such as AM, FM, BPSK, GMSK, QPSK, M-array PSK, QAM, 16QAM upto 256QAM, OFDM, 11B & Proprietry Wireless. We also offer waveform and protocol development services to OEMs using software defined radios in their products... more » 

Secure Handhelds

Today's war fighters need to have real-time data at their fingertips wherever they are -on a flight deck, in a military vehicle, in a AFV or in combat. They seek the ability to access that data via rugged... more » 

Custom Radios

Uurmi develops a wide range of modems/radios which are suitable for installation in fixed and mobile platforms, and for operation in both meshed and star networks through all transparent payloads in the High Frequency bands... more » 

ISR Suite

Uurmi have custom solution for bio-inspired saliency, attention, and search algorithms, neural¬∑algorithms for object recognition, activity recognition, context extraction, multi-sensor fusion, and rea soning engine for exploitation... more » 

ADAS Product Suite

Uurmi has developed the most advanced set of algorithms for a variety of ADAS applications such as Pedestrian Detection, Blind Spot Detection, Traffic Sign Detection, Collision Avoidance, Lane Detection... more » 

Uurmi Products