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System Integration

Uurmi enables OEMs to bring their products to market by delivering complete hardware design for prototypes and end products. We have the expertise to take our customer’s product specification and deliver the complete solution in form factor that meets bill-of-material cost, performance, size and other criteria. We also work with manufacturing partners to deliver the final board to customers, if they so desire. Our customers, in addition to OEMs, are semiconductor companies and manufacturing companies that need a system integration partner.

Our deep expertise in system integration and specific industry verticals enables us to deliver additional value to our customers in the form of review and refinement of their product specifications. Our experience in this area includes design and development of complete platform for ATA and multi-mode mobile phones to name a few systems.

Re-engineering of existing platforms
If the customer has a hardware platform that needs optimization, or enhancement in terms of new functionality or interfaces, Uurmi can deliver services for the same. Uurmi undertakes delivery of form factor designs based on pre-existing reference platforms. We also help our customers migrate their existing platforms to new platforms (operating systems or processor) as well as upgrade such platforms to newer versions of operating system or processors.

Embedded software development
Uurmi’s embedded software development team with years of experience in developing complex systems complements our hardware team in delivering complete system integration services to our customers.

Testing, verification and diagnostics
Uurmi has expertise in designing hardware platform for testability. We undertake development of test jigs and diagnostic tool for our customers for existing and new platforms. Our experienced engineering team has capability to create the appropriate diagnostic tools based on the specifications. Based on these diagnostic results, Uurmi also undertakes fine tuning and optimization of hardware platforms.


Face Recognition System
Designed a complete face recognition and tracking system with more than 90% accuracy.
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