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Defence applications have requirements that are time-critical, conform to stringent quality norms, and have long term maintenance implications. As a supplier to the defence industry, Uurmi follows development and quality processes that address these needs.

Uurmi’s engineering team with long years of experience in high-performance signal processing and image processing algorithms and embedded real-time mission critical applications, excels in delivering turnkey solutions to the defence industry. We use our expertise in the field of defence electronics to design, develop, manufacture and integrate rugged military grade electronic hardware and sub-systems. Our expertise and experience for defence applications spans military communication, subsystems and board level solutions for Electronic Warfare, aircrafts, helicopters, UAVs, UVs and missiles. We also have expertise in navigation systems including radars, SONAR, imaging for underwater and aerial surveillance, inertial and GPS based navigation and tracking systems. We are also developing advance object recognition systems in multiple wavelengths that can work form terrestrial, aerial, and marine environments.

Following are some of the Uurmi’s portfolio of products for Defence sector:

Short Range Proprietary wireless system
  • Point to point wireless ling
  • Baseband Transmit/Receive processing modules
  • TDD mode of operation
  • Supports - 2.042/8.192/34.368Mbps data rates
  • Frequency Hopping on 2/8 Mbps and ECCM in case of 34Mbps
  • Use of GPS for Orthogonal hopping
  • FEC to support 1/2 and 5/6 rates
  • Supports repeator mode of operation
IP/MANET Gateway
IP.Manet Gateway platform acts as a MANET network for devices in IP/WiFi networks. Uurmi gateway software switches and forwards IP packets to MANET network in realtime.
RF Contactless connection system
An RFID system consists of a reader and a tag or a transponder. The Tag is a tiny electronic circuit that holds the Electronic product code (EPC) and other information about the object. A miniature antenna, made from a flat coil of wire, attached to the RFID tag. The tag and antenna are usually covered in plastic or glass. An RFID reader that sends radio frequency signals out to the tags and reads the signals that come back from the tags. The extracted product information from the incoming data is used to identify the product and passed on to the main business software where the status of the product is updated.

VoIP Solution
Uurmi has developed many VoIP products. Its offering include complete VoIP softphone, protocols stacks like SIP, RTP, RTCP, Integration with open source servers like Asterix and commercials PBX.