• Computer Vision


    Image Processing

Computer Vision and Image Processing

    The teams expertise in defence and automotive sectors have given the exposure to develop the following algorithms for various applications

    Sample Technologies Sample Applications
    • Biologically inspired visual attention and gist
    • 2D and 3D object recognition
    • Evolutionary optimization methods
    • Texture analysis
    • Shape-based recognition
    • Morphology and Image enhancement operations
    • Uncertainty handling in images using fuzzy sets
    • Tracking and fingerprinting algorithms
    • Segmentation of intensity and range images
    • Uncertainty modeling in data sets
    • Context-aware target recognition
    • Machine learning and training of classifiers Sample Applications

      – Pedestrian Protection
      – Occupant sensing
      – Collision Avoidance
    • Vision-based safety in factories
    • Border/Force/Perimeter Protection,
    • Automatic Target Recognition
    • Training soldiers
    • Hidden weapon detection
    • Content-based retrieval
    • Radar image processing

    Sensors: Experience with EO/IR, mm-wave, hyperspectral, LIDAR

  • Cognitive Image Recognition System
    Uurmi is working on a video analytics project to capture, analyze and identify objects against a set of previously stored objects. The proposed algorithm is a collaboration between Uurmi and a customer. Furthermore, the system has the ability to identify unknown objects as a potential candidate for input to the recognition algorithm. Based on set of characteristics any such new identified object is stored in the input database.

Uurmi has an excellent team with many years of experience in porting and developing the signal processing and Image Processing software/firmware. Thus we are in a great position to take up turn-key projects of refactoring of existing DSP software modules and refactor them for optimal performance using hand coded assembly and any such processor specific features. Our talented team has great experience in developing software on TI, ADSP digital signal processor and proprietary configurable embedded processors and processors with multi-threading architecture.
Computer Vision & Image Processing