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Uurmi works closely with Car manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers to design and develop most advanced ADAS applications on to their platforms. Vehicles today are rapidly transforming into intelligent networked vehicles, posing the challenge to automotive Tier-1 suppliers and OEMs for providing different applications like navigation, mobile phone, connectivity to CE devices and Internet, car radio, digital TV, CD and DVD onto a single platform.

Uurmi, being one of the leaders in the ADAS space, provides solutions ranging from architecture to integration of applications and products in this domain. Uurmi's expertise includes:
- Connectivity to CE devices
- System integration
- ADAS system design
- Vehicle to Vehicle communication

We have platform expertise on Freescale, Renesas, TI, Intel, ARM and operating systems expertise in QNX, Vx Works, pSOS, Embedded Linux, Windows CE devices, Windows Auto, MS Auto and proprietary operating systems.

ADAS applications we can port onto your platforms


Traffic Sign Detection

Lane Tracking