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Application Development - Domain Expertise

Uurmi has a wide range of domain expertise in the areas of Security & Authentication. Here is a snapshot of the expertise.

Digital Signatures:
Wide knowledge in building Digital signatures that ensure Authenticity, integrity of the data and non-repudiation. Solutions are widely used in financial transactions and other cases where it is important to maintain integrity of data.

Experience in working with Active Directory, RADIUS, Biometric, knowledge based and Digital certificate based identity verification.

Access Control:
Expertise in Two-factor and out-of band authentication systems.

Key Management:
Expertise in developing solutions/products for managing the life cycle of cryptographic keys for Key generation, Key archival & recovery, Key Rotation, Key usage policy and authorization.

Data Security:
Experience in protecting sensitive information stored in files or databases or at points where data is captured or over transmission channels using standard Cryptographic and PKI practices. Familiarity with various symmetric and asymmetric encryption algorithms. Thorough knowledge in implementing software and/or hardware based PKI solutions.

Public Key Algorithms:
RSA Algorithm

Symmetric Ciphers (Secret Key):
AES 256 bit keys, DES 64 bit keys, 3DES 64x3 bit keys, Twofish 256 bit keys, Blowfish 448 bit variable length keys.

Message Digests:
MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256

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