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Android Development

More than 400,000 Android devices are being activated daily. More than 1000 Android applications are published daily. Even without these impressive statistics, every company developing hardware platforms or software applications knows that it is always a race against time to get to market. Uurmi’s experienced engineering team helps customers get their products on Android platform to market on time.

Uurmi's offerings in Android Development Services include porting Android to newer hardware platforms, customization of Android platform at all layers, development of new applications and customization of native applications. The team is experienced in Android Interface Definition Language (AIDL), Network Development Kit (NDK) and the Android Media Framework. Our customized Android Framework with pre-ported components dramatically reduces the time it takes to port, optimize and productionize Android platforms.

Porting, Customization and Application Development
Uurmi’s Android development team has ported Android to a large number of new hardware platforms, including an ARM based proprietary platform and a TI OMAP3530 platform.

Custom SDK Development
Uurmi has extensive experience in customizing SDKs for increased flexibility and functionality to developers. These enhancements include providing access to hidden APIs in many cases, and implementing new ones for improved functionality.

Media Framework
Uurmi’s engineering team has worked extensively on the Android Media Framework and has intimate knowledge of AudioFlinger, hardware abstraction layer and the associated ALSA driver. Projects that we have worked on include

  • Video and Voice over IP (VVoiP)
  • Implementation and integration of assembly coded media processing algorithms and codecs

Network Stack
Uurmi’s team has implemented multiple network stack enhancements and developed applications based on native network stack and Java framework. Projects executed in this area include
  • Network monitors that enable intelligent connection management using triggers
  • Connection manager for ‘on demand’ connection and disconnection to any network – cellular data or WiFi and ‘on-demand’ radio management
  • WiFi connection manager for automatic connections to user-defined SSID based on user/operator selection criteria
These are some of the capabilities that Uurmi’s customer get access to when they work with Uurmi. Our experience engineering product team is constantly experimenting with and evolving the Android Framework in ways that reduce time to market for our customers. Come, work with us and experience the competitive difference.

android Development

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Designed a custom form factor smart phone form factor design with reconfigurable encryption and security for defence use.
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