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Uurmi have created a family of SDR with the flexibility of havlng a number of variants which could be platform mounted (aerial, ship based or vehicle mounted), man pack or hand held. The objective was to develop a family of fully indigenous Software Defined Radio Communication systems and help to reduce costs in providing the armed forces with access to ubiquitous wireless communications - enabling them to communicate with whomever they need, whenever they need to and in whatever manner is appropriate.

The family of radios has the following technical specifications and features:

• Automatic detection and demodulation of all digital and analog modulation schemes
• Frequency Hopping
• Voice and Video over IP (VVoIP)
• Works in both low bandwidth and high bandwidth scenarios, with capability to adapt dynamically
• Secure Over the air and wire installations and device management
• Hardware Abstraction layer and OS Abstraction Layer
• ALE (Automatic link Establishment)
• IP Gateway (MANET) and Dynamic TDMA support
• Dynamically Reconfigurable
• Remote Wipe and Kill
• Secure
- Secure Over the air and wire installations and device management
- Separate independent Red Zone FPGA resource fQ[ cryptographic and security features
- Encryption, Key Management and Authentication Schemes
• Flexible
- Based on an open software architecture
- Programmable and Modular Hardware Architecture
- Software upgradable
- Flexibility to operate user defined waveforms
- Software definable channel bandwidths
• All required Modulation schemes supported
• Blind Classification and Demodulation
• Automatic Link Establishment
• Automatic Antenna Tuning

Chief of Army appreciating the SDR @ Aero India 2015


Uurmi Software Defined Radio
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