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Embedded Software Design

Uurmi has deep expertise across the entire embedded development cycle – including hardware and software. Our focus in the embedded software services spans board support package development, protocol stacks, porting, middleware, application development and API/SDK development. Our expertise in both the hardware and software segments of embedded solutions helps in taking a holistic view of the design process, efficiently apportioning the tasks between software and hardware, optimized debugging regimes, and results in robust engineered solutions.

Our embedded software design includes:

Porting – Linux & RTOS
We have worked extensively in the area of porting Linux kernel and other operating systems to multiple platforms and optimizing the port for specific performance goals. Our experience spans kernel configuration – cache, timers, memory mapping, file systems, startup scripts, network stack – Routing, IP tables, NAT, Application Gateways (ALG), enhancements, benchmarking and optimization.

Board Support Package Development
Uurmi offers Board Support Package (BSP) development services across a host of platforms that includes ARM-based platforms, TI’s OMAP platforms, MIPS and other processors. This service covers development of Bootloader and Device Drivers. We have experience working with various boot loader packages such as GRUB (GNU GRand Unified Bootloader), Lilo (LInuxLOader) and U-boot (Universal Bootloader), two-stage bootloaders, network booting, and development of boot diagnostic tools.
Uurmi has comprehensive device driver development capability such as Ethernet and WiFi, bus drivers such as USB, SDIO, I2C, I2S and SPI.

Middleware, Applications and Software Development Kit
Uurmi helps companies in delivering end-to-end solutions with its middleware, applications and SDK kit services. Recent applications developed by Uurmi for its customers include mobile applications, audio and video applications for mobile platforms and Unified communication suite.
Uurmi has successfully executed many projects on embedded application implementation and integration. Uurmi’s expertise includes:

Peripheral Integration
- Design and Implementation of HAL for various peripheral devices
- Developing JavaClass, JNI API’s for non-standard peripherals

Feature Development
- Customization and enhancements to middleware
- Customizing of media, display, overlay, storage and HMI framework
- Integrating/Customizing Phone, WiFi, BT, RIL framework components
- Client server/based Application

Android Development Services
- Design and implementation of end user applications
- Porting of Native applications to different platforms versions
- PIM, Lifestyle, Travel, Entertainment, Social Networking, Maps, navigation, News & Location

Face Recognition System
Designed a complete face recognition and tracking system with more than 90% accuracy.
Case Study >>

Smart Phone
Designed a custom form factor smart phone form factor design with reconfigurable encryption and security for defence use.
Case Study >>
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